Hi, how you are managing the Coronavirus emergency in your coworking spaces?
Are you having problems with organizing events? have you had any guidelines for the sanitary and hygienic management of the spaces dedicated to your community?

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Heya Andrea, we’re just working on a public health resource on infectious diseases for the 600+ communities we support. If you’d like I can send you more info on that when it’s ready.

Just ping me a private message and I’ll get it over ASAP.

I am cleaning all handles, knobs, and whatever else, that is often touched with many hands, extra times with bleach when members are present, to instill confidence. I am also paying attention to scientific news, am not giving into hysteria and am personally keeping all judgement about others’ feelings in check. I’m sure we will all collectively figure this out. I went to work and class the day after 9/11 in NYC and I’m not going to allow fear cripple me now. My March calendar is full of events. Let’s see if they are well attended. Good luck everyone!

I have a small coworking space with 23 members. I have committed to cleaning all door handles and some other key surfaces every day. I have put some signs up stating this.

I want members (and our clients/patients–we are a group of psychotherapists who see our clients in our offices) to know that we are being proactive and that we care.

I tried to contact you privately but apparently i can not. Anyway i’m really interesting so it would be great if you informed me when the document is ready. Thank you

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Not sure why messaging isn’t working (or easily accessible, will chat wit @alex about that).

You can the Public Health Resources we released alongside our partners at WomeWhoCowork over here.

Where is your coworking?

Thrive Therapy Space in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.

Great! it would be possible to translate it (or at least some parts of it) to share the Resource with our community of italian coworking manager?

Ofcourse, if you can translate it, let me know and we’ll share that too.

see this thread from Mike in Seattle