WorkHive (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Hello fellow cowork-managers :slight_smile:

So my name is Paul and I have a dayjob in an IT company, but I have also within the last 3 months established my first coworking space which I call WorkHive.
It is not easy to be managing two full-time positions so please bear with me that I dont have a website. I have prioritised to get the room, pay for the room, get furniture and physical setup, do administrative work regarding contracts, terms of use, etc and other stuff.

The vision of WorkHive is two-fold:

  1. We want to create spaces for people to work productively on the things they need to do on a very flexible basis.
  2. We want to create spaces for urban gardening. Promoting urban food production with aquaponics or other initiatives.

You can join me as a cofounder in achieving this vision in Copenhagen or elsewhere

You can also join the WorkHive as a beta-user

Best Regards

Paul Henckel