Women & NB people welcome! Comment below to be added to this private group

This is a safe, supportive, private category just for women & nonbinary people in the coworking community.

This private sub-group is moderated by:

Hi again Alex,
Great idea, I’d like to join and I can moderate too.
Many thanks!

Great! You are the first :smile: I just enabled your permissions so you should be able to see the private subcategory.

I still need to figure out the exact way that moderation works on private categories, but as soon as I do I’ll update this post so it’s clear how things work.

OK, great and thanks

Le jeu. 14 mars 2019 à 11:46, Alex Hillman via Global Coworking Forum [email protected] a écrit :

Could I please be added to this group? Thanks!

@Kira_Gehle I added you! Still early days so it’s just a couple of people, but we’ll work on growing that soon :smiley: ideas welcome!

Please add me as well. Thanks Alex!

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@nomadicq done!

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Please add me too. Thanks a lot

@Selina_Mc done!


Could I join please?


@ClaireBarnes you’re in!

This is odd, I thought I had joined already!
Please sign me in, thanks

@Thuy-Tien You are right, you’re already in! :slight_smile:

Hi, please add me to the group. Thank you!

@AmeliaV added!

Thanks for the post @Alex. Would love to be a part of the community.

I look forward to connecting with everyone.

@Sneha_Mittal_Sachdev added you!

Thanks @alex :slight_smile: . Cheers!