Who wants to help me make a unified brand for coworking?

Hey folks, I’m working on developing a unified brand for the coworking movement and raising a few bucks to make it happen.

Who’d be game for helping out? Here’s the plan:

  • Develop high-quality logos & iconography

  • Provide the graphics for free online

  • Incorporate the new brand into the new forthcoming design for coworking.com, as well a

    s the wiki and blog

  • Create Coworking Visa decals to put up in our spaces

  • Make stickers and shirts!

If we can raise $750 by Tuesday, I’ll be able to take care of the designs and make run of stickers and shirts to bring to GCUC USA. For bigger contributors, I can mail you some.

If we raise more, I’ll order more materials to distribute and perhaps even hire some professional help.

If you’re game to chip in, send me some dollars here:


I’ll update with progress!


PS - Why is this important? Because most people don’t realize this coworking thing has a unified movement behind it with a set of values and an amazing community of people who are here to support them (this group!). And more people need to know about all of that. Plus, everybody likes stickers and shirts… why not some quality coworking schwag?

PPS - I’m going to handle version 1, but down the line would love to work with a branding agency that can donate some pro bono time. If you or someone you know can help, I’d love to get in touch!

(Preliminary designs, mocked up)


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I am in! Just had a logo made today that I'm willing to share... Suggestions welcomed!


Nice work, Keith! I always love seeing what kinds of logos people make for their spaces.

I should note, a bunch of years back there was a community effort to develop shared logos: http://wiki.coworking.org/w/page/16583882/Logo

Hillary’s were my favorite, as they emulated BarCamp and could easily be repurposed for different contexts. I’ll have that in mind as we develop this new round.



On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 9:22 AM, Keith Pandeloglou [email protected] wrote:

I am in! Just had a logo made today that I’m willing to share… Suggestions welcomed!


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