I live in a small town near London in the UK and am trying out a model where the whole High Street is the co-working space: Connecting people who want a place to work, with local businesses and properties that have space to work and in the long term revive the High Street - by bringing the people who are working at home, to work in the Town Centre

I’m just getting started, and have linked up one space and one couple client, who need space out of the house in COVID. Obviously a bit slow now, but we have empty spaces on our High Street and lots of people who wouldn’t have been the co-working types pre-covid ready to get out the house…

New to all of this, but my website starter for 10 is here https://wheretowork.org.uk
Thanks to Morgan at Cobot for linking me to this forum.

Is anyone else doing something similar? I haven’t quite figured out the revenue streams yet, but as I’m not renting or owning a space now it’s fairly low risk.

Do connect with me - I’d love to hear from people with similar ideas.

Marina :slight_smile:

Hi Marina.
I think you are on to something, especially for smaller towns. Remote work is here to stay so this will open up job opportunities for people in small towns to work for large companies that were typically centralized in big cities like London or Manchester in your case. There is a really cool startup here in Canada (a few years now in business) www.Flexday.com that launched an app to allow people to rent out tables in restaurants that were closed during the day but had all these tables and wifi and of course coffee/tea. They expaned into other spaces including coworking spaces that still have capacity to provide day passes. You should connect with the founder Justin… maybe there is some synerrgy to hop the pond and laucnch FlexdayUK :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for this. Do you have a direct contact for Justin? The website just has a chatbox section and no other contact options. But yes, he can probably answer loads of questions I have, and avoid me reinventing the wheel on some things. Small towns are a bit different to big cities - but looks like a big city model of what I’m trying.
Thanks - this is a good forum :slight_smile:


sure, his name is Justine Raymond…