What's people experience of average attendance rates for different plans?

Hey Folks,

For people who sell 'Unlimited" plans - how many days on average in month do people actually come in?

What about for other plans - say 2 days a week - what’s their actual average monthly attendance?

I bet no one on an unlimited plan comes in EVERY.SINGLE.DAY…

Love to get some insights - my guess is on a 1 day a week plan - attendance is nearly 100% - as you can always find one day to come in, on 2 day a week plans - maybe 80%, and on unlimited - maybe 70% or less.


Hi Ed
My experience is actually very different from your guess.
Most of our members on unlimited plans come every single day, because typically this is either where their teams are/meet or their only set up for office space (no home office or anything of the sorts). They run their businesses from here and have employees, so they tend to come every week day, without fail.
Now for members that have 1 or 2 days/week (ours are actually 5 or 10 days/month) I find that it’s easier for them to fall out of habit or to become lazy and just stay at home. They tend to be remote workers, freelancers or solo entrepreneurs and they usually have a home office or another office (company space, maybe?) that they can work from. Hope this helps!

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Thanks - it does.

Your unlimited plan members - do they have dedicated desks or is it unassigned seating - I’ve heard that having dedicated desks can make a big difference in number of days of attendance.

We have both dedicated and hot desking full time (and private offices). But it’s true that people on Dedicated Desks come more regularly… they normally have desktop computers or big screens. Their comfortable set up is in the office, so it’s not as easy to work from somewhere else either.

I’ve found these stats to vary SO widely from person to person, season to season, even neighborhood to neighborhood and culture to culture. I don’t think there’s a single correct answer here, in the of being predictive. My hunch is that the most useful segments have more to do with people than the plans they choose.

With that in mind, echoing Marcla’s observations, the ONLY full time members we have who are here basically every day are employees, even if they don’t have a dedicated desk. I think it has a lot to do with a mindset of “someone expects me to be in a certain place” even if their employer isn’t actually in the room!

Anecdata aside, I would LOVE to see some coworking software actually report this kind of information in a useful way, and maybe even aggregate and anonymize this kind of behavioral data from lots of spaces into some kind of public report!

hah - somehow I missed this Alex - if only I knew someone who was building a platform with features like the one you suggest… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That software, if it even existed, :v:might :v: have got feedback from operators of the very successful spaces that went something like this,

“This is amazing and so helpful!”


"This is really wonderful insight. Super appreciative and grateful. "

@Ed_Cortis screenshots, yo!

Hi Ed! Mia here. I co-manage LOFT Coworking spaces here in the Philippines.

The concept of coworking is the same in different parts of the world, although, we have to consider clients who come from different work cultures. I agree with @alex, as it varies from person to person, etc. Not sure if this happens all throughout the Coworking Spaces here in the Philippines but most of our monthly members actually go on a daily basis – for Hot Desks, at least. Except Sundays as we are closed.

Weekly membership plans are very unlikely. It’s either they’d go for a day or two (I assume most of these types of clients are freelancers) or go monthly, and go on a daily basis (mostly young/start up companies).

The most flexible plan, and the best value for money, I guess for people would be for them to pay x amount for a specified x number of hours. That caters to basically anybody. (i.e. Online tutors - they have a fixed time for their classes. We can offer them XX PHP for 40 hours. They can come as they need, anytime they want.)

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