What are your favorite events you've attended at coworking spaces?

I’m managing events for a coworking space in Pittsburgh, and am wondering what are some of your favorite event types at coworking spaces? Any kind of unique workshops or discussions you’ve attended that you found helpful? Unique networking events?

This is one of my favorites: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWv0PATBpaK/

Also, the weekly meetings at each location are my favorite. http://collectiveagency.co/events/

The first coworking I did was in 1999 at the Tisch Talent Guild (TTG) and the Tisch Undergraduate Student Council (TUSC) had monthly representative democracy meetings which were my favorite.

Lunches and yoga are also great. Etc etc.

Also, non-formally organized events throughout the day, which we formally call 'impromptu conversations' if we need to name them, are amazing and are one of the main reasons why I do coworking.

What are yours?