Weighing membership plans to best serve people who want to book rooms

Hi there,

I’m working on launching a female focussed coworking + wellness space in Toronto (shecosystem.ca). The core value of this community (on top of the coworking values) is a workplace culture that values self-care and holistic wellness. So in addition to the standard coworking facilities, I’ll be putting in a movement studio and private treatment rooms for mind + body wellness practitioners.

I’ve been building a pretty committed community since October through weekly meetups, monthly events, and speaking engagements so I’ve gathered a lot of interested women (and a few men) and have been asking them what they want.

  • While many are interested in a collaborative and engaging workplace, so far not so many have expressed interest in a dedicated desk or private office (I know these are the big moneymakers and with rent upwards of $4500/mo I need to figure out how to make $ if I’m not able to count on these high level memberships)

  • More than I expected say they are interested in private meeting rooms, shared office spaces, treatment rooms, and workshop space.

I am trying to figure out what the ideal membership scenario would look like in terms of generating consistent revenue, avoiding scheduling nightmares, and serving my members needs. I’d love your input. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • membership packages that include lots of room booking hours - first come first served monthly scheduling with additional hours at member rates
  • base memberships with a la carte space booking options at an additional cost (reduced member rates)
  • private offices shared by a few practitioners on a regular weekly schedule (3 or 6 month commitment) priced by number of days per week
  • Any other ideas?

Thank you!

Emily Rose Antflick