Want to do something scary with us at Cohere?

We’re trying a fun challenge at Cohere July 7-11. Susan of Office Nomads even jumped on with us! Yippee! Check it out and join up if you feel so inclined. It’ll be super fun to connect with one another about our triumphs and bombs along the way!

We’re challenging ourselves to disconnect at HOME for 5 days. Does it make you a little sweaty to think about it? Us too. The hilarity of posting this on a google group online isn’t lost on me. In a world of constant contact we’re asking you to take a calculated risk and experience what your home life would be like without, clients at 8pm, email, Netflix, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al. Imagine a world filled with unconnected joys that bring you closer to people you love and tactile and outdoor experiences you enjoy.