Vintage Phonebooth

Hi everyone. I found an Vintage Bell Telephone. I’m going repurpose it as a phone room for members. Does anyone in the group have a Vintage PhoneBooth in their space…Id love to connect.

I had one of these on my wishlist forever! Some years ago, a member spotted one on craigslist and I bought it. An old wooden Bell Telephone booth in great shape, for a few hundred bucks. I love it.

BUT For every bit that it LOOKS cool, it is not a functional space for taking phone calls.

Even with treatment, the materials are not acoustically friendly in any way. It doesn’t keep sound in, or out, and it makes any sounds made inside sound worse (tinny, harder to understand, etc). It’s not really comfortable to sit in for longer than a photo opportunity.

I love it as a piece of furniture. It’s nice to look at. It’s a conversation piece. It can even be a photo-op.

But…I would caution you from considering it a functional space for member phone calls.

Thanks Alex for the advice. Wanted to reach out to the community before purchasing. Appreciate the guidance.

We use to have a vintage phone booth. We eventually sold because no one used it. They use our other phone booths / rooms, but the vintage one was just their least desirable option because of the small table and standing only.

We sold it for a profit to a local restaurant looking for cool decor off of craigslist, so there is a happy ending.