University Student Studying Co-Working Experiences for Dissertation Research

Hello everyone, I am Sophie. I have a few family members who have used co-working spaces over the years and have always thought they are such a great idea, so now I am doing my degree in interior design and have chosen to study the co-working design movement and how it is redefining the traditional office space as my dissertation topic!

I’ve got a couple of 5-10 minute anonymous surveys for people to give their opinions and experiences of co-working if anyone is willing to help me out and have their say! Participant information is in the links.

This survey is for people who use co-working spaces for their business:

And this survey is for people who work for/manage co-working spaces: The Impact of the Co-working Design Movement - Company Survey

Looking forward to learning more about the co-working experience and hearing peoples thoughts, thanks in advance!

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