Tying up with coworking pioneers

Hello All,

I would like to introduce myself as***Raghuveer
Kovuru***, one of the founders of Co.Lab.Orate, Hyderabad’s first community
coworking space. We have been up and running since 2014, carefully building
meaningful communities around the startup culture here in Hyderabad, India.
Although, our basic model is letting out affordable workspace to entrepreneurs,
freelancers and travelers, the focus is more on the community, coworker
engagement and helping founders attain synergies through constant interaction
and idea bounce. We have our own Community Animation Programs and Services (CAPS)
initiative that aims to promote all walks of life, may it be entrepreneurship,
art, culture, society, etc.

Although we are doing great, I always wanted to be part of events and interactions that happen halfway across the world (that’s where most of the coworking happens). This I am doing by being part of the coworking wiki, google groups, friday slackathons and constant interactions with other founders of spaces. But from a branding exercise, is there some way that we could establish ourselves overseas? Just for the simple reason that people know that we exist here in India? I believe this could be achieved mostly in terms of cross-border event branding and of course the partners have to provide some value (social media traction, promoting the event, boosting ticket sales and so on) to each other.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this and if possible even collaborate with others.
Raghuveer K
Co.Lab.Orate Coworking
Hyderabad’s first community coworking space