Traditional Office aspects in Coworking

Hey Guys! , Do you believe some aspects of Traditional Office Setup is also required to run a successful coworking ?

If yes then what all things of Traditional office space we can add to make it more effective?

People who pay for coworking are paying for some things, from tangible material objects to human values. I like asking people before maybe starting something new, "What would you pay for? Why? How much do you want that, on a scale of 1 to 5? How much would you pay for _______ which has that?" $ is a way to show value and whether we will lose or gain $. And align $ goals with community goals, always.

For example, in choosing a location, there are lots of office features, lots of reasons why.

You can group people into various groups; some people will want views and conference rooms, some people will want natural light and people sitting nearby, etc. The 'why' will be non-objects: feelings or actions. You can refine how you interpret what your people think they want and how you group their wants over time. (User experience; customer personas; cultural anthropology is what this is called.)