Townsvilles Newest Co-Working Space


My name is Josh Roberts and I am working at opening a new vibrant co-working space in Townsville, Queensland.

The space I am looking at is 400m^2 with a few private offices, large open area, large recently renovated kitchen and an outdoor entertaining area…All in all it is pretty sweet.

There are two major questions I have at this point.

How do people that have started successful spaces feel about going into somewhere so big to start?

Secondly, I have been promoting, engaging and talking to people for months. To date I have managed to get one base tenant.

Does anyone have suggestions as to what I can do to get more people committed before I open?

Our website is

We are on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. We even have a Kickstarter to help get us started (

I look forward to any advice, suggestions and help people can provide.