Tour scheduling

Can Google Calendar be used effectively for people who want to schedule tours? Currently, we are using Calendly and just considering other options.

By the way, does anyone know which program liquidspace uses for this?

I also use Calendly but would also be intrigued to hear if anyone uses Google Calendar for their tour scheduling.

I use Calendly for tour scheduling. I love it and now pay for the premium service.

I combine Calendly with Zapier and Autopilot to create a full automated sales funnel that has increased my conversions from tours to members by about 30%.

I think touring is so incredibly important that using Google Calendar or even Calendly (as good as it is) is missing a chance…

There are some key metrics you should really stay on top of - tour to closed/won ratio as one example. That informs you of how many tours you’re going to need to do to fill those empty seats.

We’ve built a coworking specific tour-widget and system designed from the ground up to optimise THE moment of truth for a potential member and maximize your chance to close the deal.

Gimme a shout if you’d like to know more.