TODOs - a living post of what's being worked on

Delegate inviting/onboarding

  • Document/screencast inviting & onboarding new members
  • Recruit onboarding team (1-2 people to start, maybe more?)
  • Set up discourse thread for requesting username merges.

Categorize archive

  • Document/screencast steps to categorize threads
  • Set up discourse topic for suggesting new categories/subcategories
  • Set up discourse topic for discussion/asking about edge cases (e.g. deleting spammy threads, or threads that don’t belong in a certain specific category)
  • Set up discourse topic for requesting thread merges

Recruit category mods

  • Mod terms & expectations (how long, who can do it)
  • Public list of mods & which categories they help with

New ideas

  • Curated FAQ threads (via @rcampbellnc)
  • Integrate with Coworking Slack