Tips for Buying Chargers and Tech?

I’m curious about sources for buying cables, dongles, and tech stuff (also recs for wall mounts for iPads for room reservation displays, both hard-wired and removable).

We go through a LOT of cables and dongles *cheap items failing quickly and/or members disappearing with them). I’ve used Monoprice, Amazon, and occasionally AliExpress, but quality and value are so variable.

What are other people doing? Thanks!

Melissa (The Village Works, Brookline MA)

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I’d recommend MicroCenter ( They tend to have pretty reasonable prices, along with good quality items. It looks like they have a location in Cambridge, which might not be too far from you.

Thank you, Nathan! Microcenter is my happy place :). I spend a lot of money there! I haven’t found then to have multi-packs or bulk pricing for cables and dongles.

Well, I guess I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, then.

If you haven’t done so already, maybe you should talk with someone there and see if they offer any bulk pricing on some of the things you need.

Hi Melissa
I used some of the same sources that you have and don’t a strong opinion of one over another.

To combat the “walking away” phenomenon I attached a big label to every cord and dongle with our name on it. I suspected that some of them were walking away by accident or folks not paying attention and just stuffing everything in their bags when they left. It’s the same idea as a gas station attaching a restroom key to a big stick.