Tips for adding classes and workshops to your coworking space

At The Skillery, our coworking space in Nashville, we’ve been offering classes and workshops for over four years - since long before we had a coworking space, actually. But we’re about to exit the class and workshop business, and I wanted to share some thoughts with you about why. I also wanted to share some tips and perspective, in case you’re thinking of adding classes and workshops to your space.


Here are two blogs posts we wrote on the topic: Tips for adding classes and workshops to your coworking space.

After four years, we’re (mostly) ditching classes and workshops. Here’s why.

We’ll still offering our all-day Introduction to Entrepreneurship workshop - that’s been a big success, and we’re looking forward to expanding it. if anyone is interested in bringing it to their city, just shout. But, otherwise, we’ve probably offered our last class…

I hope these are helpful. You may find some other helpful blog posts related to our coworking space here:

I’m happy to answer questions about the challenges and opportunities involved with offering classes and workshops! Just holler!