This Week in Coworking (Week 21 2020)

Sharing the news/updates/wins/etc from my experimental twitter thread so that it’s archived in the forum for ever and ever.

  1. The European Coworking Assembly hit 30 episodes of their #CoworkingValues podcast! :point_right:

  2. Coworking space members and operators across the UK launched the #SaveOurLocalCoworking campaign to get more gov support. :point_right:

  3. The marketing-and-good-vibes-powerhouse that is Cat Johnson hinted about the return of her popular Coworking Content Lab. We may, or may not, know that it’s going to be awesome!

  4. The by The Coworking Library was awarded for outstanding digital civic engagement by Saxony-Anhalt. :point_right:

  5. Twitter, Square, Shopify, Facebook and coinbase all announced that they’re going ‘remote first’ post-Covid. :point_right:

  6. Related, Robert Kropp wrote a blog post exploring if we’ve hit the Remote Working tipping point. :point_right:

  7. Ashish Goenka also wrote an in-depth piece on @linkedin about how “The Zoom moment for Coworking is NOW.” :point_right:

  8. The very first community operators were invited into Syncaroo, allowing them test syncing their C-19 status across mutliple platforms automagically. :point_right:

  9. The GWA announced that their annual conference would be online, run 24 hours, and be FREE to attend. :point_right:

  10. Over on new back-to-work perks and savings were sourced and made available. Including: :package: 9% off custom ‘Welcome back boxes’ & :bulb: 30% off UV cleaning boxes for mobile phones/wallets/etc :point_right:

  11. The folks GCUC announced their next virtual coworking unconference :point_right:

  12. 15 years after launching Na volne noze, some of the team announce :point_right:

  13. New Working Spaces (which involves 88 research partners from 28 Countries) hosted their 4th online webinar :point_right:

  14. 10 years ago today, Manuel Zea of Coworking Spain gave their first public talk about coworking :point_right:

  15. Marko Orel et al announced even more speakers for the online Coworking Symposium next week. :point_right:

And i think that’s it. What a week!

Anything I missed?

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As usual, love your style and hustle, @hector :kissing_heart:

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