The Coworking Outdoor Centre


Hope everyone is well, I’ve just come across this forum doing some research.

I am doing feasibility study for a ‘Coworking Adventure Centre’ in the UK ( I think the first of its sort?)

Essentially its a coworking centre in the country side where you can go for a creativity inducing walk in the woods, mountain biking, running and hopefully watersports such as paddle boarding & swimming if I can find a venue near a lake.

My community will be based around people who love the outdoors and believe in the benefits of the outdoors and adventure for a productivity, creativity and general wellbeing.

I intend to include things like bike hire, wetsuits, showers etc in membership

I have come across spaces such as Surf Office, Tahoe Mountain Lab, Eelevate which all have a ‘outdoor’ element. Are there any more? Maybe outdoor specific or spaces built around specific interests?

My main topic of research will be trying to prove that sufficient amount of people will travel to it (by the very nature of it the local population density will be small). Does anyone have any stats on the distances people travel to coworking space?

Thanks in advance.

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You might want to have a gander at the history of the Esalen Instiitute at Big Sur which has as its ambition the saving of humanity. So your concept is probably more specific as to yoru target (anythign smaller than the whole of humanity would be after all). But it remains the case that Esalen draws people from all over the word and has had a disproportionate impact in thought leadership.

It is not, I hasten to add, a coworking institution. But I think you can draw many lessons from their history and development if I understand your ambition correctly.