Take part in the first Coworking Europe Awards Contest (only 4 days left)

For the first time, the Coworking Europe conference organizes a double Awards contest open to the international Coworking community.

We created two categories which are representative of some the most important fields making coworking successful : Community Building and Workspace Design.

Rewards related to both Awards will be close to 3.000€ worth each. Check out the details below.

Awards winners will be announced next week at the Coworking Europe 2016 conference in Brussels.

All applications will be made visible online.


1. Best Coworking Community Action Award

The Best Coworking Community Action Award will reward an original action taken by a coworking space which helped to strenghten the space’s community, improved the common understanding and tights between members, helped to make personal connections more organic, brought added value to the members and more engagement with the outside ecosystem, or created a clearer identity and set of values with a measurable outcome.

2. Best Coworking Design Award

The Best Coworking Design Award will reward the most original space design, taking into account parameters such as the esthetic, the message behind the design, the overall coherence of the project with respect to the identity of the space and its positioning or an innovative layout concept which offers new perspectives and a smart way to distribute productive, chillout or collaboration zones.

More information about the contest are here http://coworkingeurope.net/2016/11/10/coworking-awards-contest/