Starting a coworking space specifically for mental health professionals..where do i start

Hey Everyone!

I am looking to start a coworking space specifically for mental health professionals. I am looking for some guidance about how to start.

What is the necessary paperwork? legal paperwork?
How do you use google Calendar to reserve rooms or conference rooms?

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Hello. I have a coworking space for mental health professionals. Thrive Therapy Space in Erie, PA.

Currently I use Nexudus for room reservations, but when I founded in 2019 we used TeamUp for booking rooms.

I started an LLC here in Pennsylvania, USA. I don’t know what the necessary paperwork or legal paperwork would be for you.

the BEST advice I got before I started, was to build a community of interested mental health professionals BEFORE launching. Don’t launch and then wait for people to show up.

Penny Mechley-Porter
Thrive Therapy Space LLC

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Hi Simone! That’s very exciting. I’m not an operator msyelf, but this is a US based operation that uses Coworks software. Might be worth checking out their site:

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Thank you for this information. Thankful I have been thinking about this for a very long time and have an amazing community of therapists who are on board. I recently just locked in a space. Penny, what type of forms did you have each clinician sign to be a member? do you have templates to share?

Hi Simone-
I am thinking of the exact same thing! I recently spoke with Penny (who commented above) and found her to be a great resource. I’d love to connect with you to discuss your plans, how you’re approaching finding members, etc. This is such an important idea, IMO. There is so much that we mental health professionals lose when we are not with group practices and the isolation is intense. I love that there are more people out there thinking about this great idea!

Hi Simone,

Yes, you can email me directly and I can share the document I have members sign. Sorry I can’t input the actual email address. You can find my email on our website Thrive Therapy Space.