Starting a coworking space specifically for mental health professionals..where do i start

Hey Everyone!

I am looking to start a coworking space specifically for mental health professionals. I am looking for some guidance about how to start.

What is the necessary paperwork? legal paperwork?
How do you use google Calendar to reserve rooms or conference rooms?

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Hello. I have a coworking space for mental health professionals. Thrive Therapy Space in Erie, PA.

Currently I use Nexudus for room reservations, but when I founded in 2019 we used TeamUp for booking rooms.

I started an LLC here in Pennsylvania, USA. I don’t know what the necessary paperwork or legal paperwork would be for you.

the BEST advice I got before I started, was to build a community of interested mental health professionals BEFORE launching. Don’t launch and then wait for people to show up.

Penny Mechley-Porter
Thrive Therapy Space LLC

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Hi Simone! That’s very exciting. I’m not an operator msyelf, but this is a US based operation that uses Coworks software. Might be worth checking out their site:

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Thank you for this information. Thankful I have been thinking about this for a very long time and have an amazing community of therapists who are on board. I recently just locked in a space. Penny, what type of forms did you have each clinician sign to be a member? do you have templates to share?