South Philadelphia---Introduction and looking for coworkers who'd like to share space, share ideas, share encouragement

Hello from South Philly!

I’m a writer and aspiring magazine editor ( who has definitely felt the weight of working alone drag down my thinking and productivity.

I love the coworking world and I LOVE to share ideas and inspiration and encouragement with creatives, techies, entrepreneurs.

I was hoping to start the conversation with other people who are feeling the same way.

So, here’s the deal. I found a GREAT, SUPER SUNNY office right at the corner of 11th & Morris in South Philly (19148)—One block from the legendary (and delicious) PASSYUNK AVENUE.

At first, I rented just to run my little mag. But as I sat down and realized I had a lot of extra space, I thought how it might be a perfect co-working and collaborating space. I set up the wifi. I went to IKEA and Circle Thrift and bought some basic furnishings (my nesting instinct kicking in) and plunked down.

Because I’m a PR/marketing writer-type by trade, I came up with a name: The South Philly Collaborative Work-Space: Where you can work alone, with friendly people

I found pictures on fotolia that captured my dreams for such a space. Well, because making little websites is a passion of mine, I made this guy:

But all of this (including the pricing schedule) is just a place holder—and the best possible thing would be to find co-workers who want to name, furnish, photo this space to suit the group!

Here are a couple of pics of the space—it’s a bit spare…but it will grow with the group!!!

The reason I’m reaching out now is to find people who have even more (and better) ideas about how to create a great co-working and collaborating space.

Let’s talk…




Marina Stamos

Editor, So South Philly