Social Venture Institute / Hudson Valley - retreat for social entrepreneurs

Coworking compatriots,

I want to alert you to a new initiative of mine. Blurb below.

A fellow coworking space owner is one of our Case Study panelists (Marissa Feinberg of Green Spaces NYC).

(I do realize the unfortunate timing and potential conflict with GCUC.)

Social Venture Institute / Hudson Valley

a weekend retreat for emerging social entrepreneurs

May 9-11, 2014
Omega Institute | Rhinebeck, NY

SVI Hudson Valley is no ordinary experience: a weekend of profound problem solving, visioning and connecting, all in the inspired setting of one of the world’s premier educational retreat centers. Think of it as an ad hoc advisory board. With depth.

For social entrepreneurs and innovative business-builders and nonprofit leaders, the dreamers and doers, the thinkers, the visionary world-changers, creators and catalysts…

Case Studies are the core of the SVI model, where the greatest learning happens. In the Case Study session, a presenter poses a specific business problem to a panel of “expert” respondents or seasoned socially responsible entrepreneurs. Panelists and retreat participants alike offer advice based on their experience and expertise.

The people and organizations behind SVI Hudson Valley are some of the original thinkers and doers of the social enterprise movement. It’s presented by Antidote Collective, On Belay Business Advisors and Re>Think Local in partnership with Omega Institute and Social Venture Network.

The Early-early Bird gets the discount worm. On Saturday (Mar 15) at midnight the price jumps $100. Group discounts are also available.

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