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I am managing the social media platforms of our coworking space (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and was wondering if I am doing it right…

Could you give me examples what do you post on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn? (or other platforms) Do you post the same things on your Fb and Insta? Or is it different? How frequently do you post on each platforms? Things like this… :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to hear about your strategies and examples!

Thank you very much!

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The best would be to check the content of those media for some coworking spaces. I managed Betacowork’s until I sold it in May last year:

I talk about social media and marketing it in my book The Coworking Handbook. Actually, it is the largest chapter of the book :slight_smile:

Regarding the rhythm> run your own tests and see how people react.

You can find tools to use for social media here:

And more useful resources here:

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