SoCal Coworking Space Owners or interested in owing a space in SoCal?


We have been running Coworking Fullerton, last year renamed to Cowork+Play in Fullerton for 5.5 years.

We have about 5 to 15 coworkers on any given day.

But we are leaving the country from May to September - and need someone to run the space, we are looking at the following options:

  • Someone interested in taking over (buying) the business permanently

  • Someone temporarily running the business until September (vacation, no costs for office space, meeting great people, income potential)

  • Someone running the business as a co-owner or profit based. (there is not enough income to hire someone fulltime to open & close the space, but if you run your own business from the space, it creates a great ambiance towards your clients, and a community of great coworkers)

What we have going on:

Our space is located in the oldest commercial building in Fullerton. Fullerton has an old downtown and we are right in the middle of it, with 60 restaurants in walking distance.

You can see more pictures at

We used to have a kids space, but because of personal circumstances have stopped activities for kids last December.

The space is about 1800 sq ft open space, with 1 conference room. It provides 25 workspaces. The rent is month-to-month, so no large contracts to take over. In fact you can renegotiate with the landlord for better options. There is a shared kitchen (shared with 2 other companies in the building), and a counter with coffee machine, fridge, etc in our space.

We have meetups every week (PHP programmers, Board gamers, Social media peeps, social business, etc).

We guarantee opening hours from 9am to 5pm, but are typically open until 6pm/7pm, or if there are events, until midnight.

There is more interest of people who want to come in on saturdays and nights, but we didnt want to require ourselves to be there, and haven’t opened up on those days.

Also we have a few companies that rent out our space for workshops in the weekends typically. Sometimes also the conference room is rented out to external parties, generating additional income.

If you are interested in taking over our space, the community, the business either temporarily or permanent, we would love to talk to you, as we are leaving mid May. (in 1 month), this might also be an ideal opportunity for one of the coworking spaces that wants to expand to North Orange County.

We get about 5 inquiries a week of people checking out the space, interested in coworking with us.

Most find us through our website, we have been in the Orange County Register three times over the last year, but because of our other businesses, haven’t done extensive marketing.

We are well connected to the members and the space, and don’t want to loose it, but I don’t want it to be vacant over the next few months.

Please email me if you are interested: [email protected]

Marieke Hensel

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