Smart Locks & your experience with them

Hello everyone,

I hope y’all are doin’ well.

We’re about to install smart locks and I’ve done a lot of research on different systems.
We prefer a solution, which works with Cobot, but safety and easy upscaling are more important.

Having had two experts for SaltoKS and Tapkey here, and after talking to another technician, I am really unsure which system to choose.

Sooooo, what are you people using and how are your experiences - not only concerning the hardware, but software too.

Looking forward to your stories!
Best regards from Hannover,


We use Nexkey. Very happy with the service. Have not figured out how to integrate it with Nexudus yet.

will you try to implement nexkey to nexudus?

Possibly. Might be beneficial, but not sure it’s worth the effort at the moment.