Smart Cities

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Do smart city initiatives spread around you? Do you see how the startup ecosystem becomes interesting for the city town hall? Do you see possible synergies? I’m sure yes! This is what made me go deeply and practically into the subject of how smart cities and co-working can be the driving force of future smart cities.

In this article and in the interview in the Smart City Podcast, I express my experiences and ideas as well as thoughts developed over the last 10 years. I started in a small co-working space in my flat in Poland in 2008. I hope both forms will prove it is interesting and valuable.

What concerned me and what I’m talking about in the Smart City Podcast is that if, in fact, startups offering services to the citizens are often placed in coworking, I assumed that the future role of this community for the city will be of a great importance. Recognizing the positive effect of gathering creative people in post-industrial districts in order to revitalize it gives me hope that the urban strategy will eventually include a systematic approach to support and give benefits for local communities. But it’s not what always happens. In most cases the positive effect of this coalition is consumed by private business, not the city itself.

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