Remote worker research for economic development & workforce

As part of my research on using coworking as an economic development tool, I’m curious to learn if any states are actively pursuing remote work as a workforce development strategy. In my thinking, every remote worker already living in a town represents a potential career path that a local could pursue.
Any leads?

Liz Trice


Portland, Maine



We’re just beginning to have that conversation in Oregon. I did see some town in the midwest is offering $10K for remote workers to relo.

For rural Oregon and even in Corvallis, we find remote workers to be an important economic factor. Here at Corvallis Foundry, our 9 permanent desks are occupied by 8 remote workers, 6 seats are paid by their company, and 4 might not be able to work remotely if not for our location.

From a workforce development perspective, I think we should be looking at pulling numbers together to advocate for funds.

In community,



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