Recommendations for wifi printers for small-medium use

Printers are one of the most horrible necessary evils.
We’ve been using a Brother MFC9340 for quite a few years. Ok for general use but super expensive on printouts per page.

I’m keen to hear of any other brands people have been happy with.

Would love any feedback.

We contacted our local print machine company.

They leased us a ex-school printer for £0/month. We pay 1p and 4p (b/w and colour) per print and they keep it fully serviced, and the toner topped up.

We are going to upgrade to something fancy with A3 print and scanning for our designers, which is still only going to be £20/month, and they still pay for all the toner (1p and 4p is still the rate)

Have you had a chat with someone who might lease you one?

Hi Matt,
That’s a cracker deal. Unfortunately, in Australia, leasing costs are quite expensive, unless you have high usage and number of prints.

We are leaning towards the OKI multifunction.



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Ah I see! Don’t get me wrong - this printer has had it’s day and has a ridiculously high print count. I think in their eyes it costed them more in storage. But it still works a treat!