Reasons to Cowork

Hello fellow coworkers!

We at Cowork Frederick are making a fun list of reasons to cowork. We engaged our members. Then it occurred to me there are a LOT more people who could collaborate on this. Let’s make a list we can all use for our social media / marketing purposes.

To get things rolling, here’s some we’ve come up with:

  • Business casual now means breaking out the “good” sweatpants.
  • Elmo & Dora the Explorer made guest appearances on your last video call.
  • Brainstorming with yourself is creating a feedback loop.
  • The cat purring in your lap is lulling you to sleep.
  • It’s harder to “nowork” when people are watching.
  • Your kitchen table isn’t cutting it for client meetings.
  • You’ve developed a cleaning addiction to avoid your weekly work tasks.
  • Summer break is almost here, and your home office is about to become your kid’s favorite hang-out.