Question about coworking history

I’m sure this isn’t the best “Topic” area to post this, but wasn’t sure where would be better (is there a “coworking history” topic?).

I’m trying to find two things that I can’t seem to find when searching the original google group, and wondering if some old hands here would know the answer (it’s for a peer-reviewed paper about coworking):

(1) when were the core values–community, openness, collaboration, sustainability, accessibility–first proposed? I understand it happened over time, but looking for when that specific five were agreed on, which seems to me happened pretty early on in the discussion. I have in my head 2007, but now I think it may have been later (just need a year).

(2) how many members were there in the Coworking Google Group at the time? Admins can see membership history over time, but I can’t, so wondering if any admin has enough interest in this and knows how to find that easily enough that they could help me out.

(3) Bonus historical question: Anyone have a credible scholarly source for the origin and growth of the profession, “Community Manager”?

Thanks in advance!


The values were originally drafted by Citizen Space - Tara posted about it here in 2007, notably missing accessibility (I’d need to do more digging to figure out when those were added). Indy Hall in Philadelphia and Station C in Montreal were among the first to adopt them as our own, and encourage others to do the same.

Roughly 500, I’d say give/take 50.

I’ll see what I can find. My memory is that the term is pretty tied to companies needing a more formal sounding term than the “moderator” or “mod” role that’s still most commonly a volunteer role. But I am sure I can find something in my archives, stay tuned!

Thanks, Alex!! Super helpful.