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Does anyone else here use Proximity for their member management system? Do you have pointers for the system? My space is transitioning from CoBot to Proximity and it doesn’t have the a lot of the same features, I’m worried about the possible hassle it could create. Thanks in advance for any advice!

On that note, if you are on the Proximity Network, could you please upvote my feedback suggestion on Thank you!

What hassles are you specifically worried about? I looked at your post in the linked feedback forum, and agree totally with that - activity logs and notes are critical. Are there other things you are looking for pointers on?

Thanks Jamie! Definitely, my biggest concern is my members not using the system to book their meeting rooms. Currently I’m able to keep an eye on the space and book the rooms for them to make sure their monthly invoices include conference room rentals, from my understanding that won’t be possible on proximity.

I’m afraid that once it becomes the member’s responsibility it won’t get done and there will be lost revenue. I hate to add to their already heavy loads but how do I make sure they get things like this done without nagging them?

There are lots of different little things, like notes and activity logs, and invoices that I can foresee becoming more difficult, but I don’t know how to plan for it since I’m not proficient at using Proximity yet.

Hey Britanni! Happy to help! Feel free to email me directly. [email protected]

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We are new to proximity as well. I’ve had to do manual bookings and send manual invoices. It is a pain. Still waiting for two invoices to be paid. Your concern is real. Like I said, we are new so there very well could be an easier way.

Hey Jen, I know it’s tough! I have a running list of things I’m tracking manually until we can find an automated solution for it on the system.

In the meantime I’m trying to focus on the positives like their whole network, and their feedback page so we can have real changes made to the system. I’m hoping that with time I can mold it to our business model and have everything running like clockwork. Seems like they are really intent on making this work for all types of business models.