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Hi, I work in a coworking space based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
At the moment I have a lack of ideas of how to get revenue out space comfortable for 12-18 people. We use this space for our coworkers’ events and rent it for small events for youth gatherings, movie nights, board game nights etc.

People find us from time to time but the problem is that I really have difficulties to think of somebody who would be interested.

How do you promote small size spaces like this? What type of people you are inviting? Where do you find them?




Mantas Leleika
NVO Avilys

Nacionalinis socialinės integracijos institutas


Tauro g. 12, Vilnius

Hey Mantas,

Let’s reverse engineer this (and perhaps as the founders if you’re not one of them?). Most coworking spaces target remote workers who either work for themselves (so entrepreneurs and founders) or who work for large companies that offer a WFH/remote work option.

After that, you can get more specific if your space is for “creative” professionals or more “tech/Startup” or whatever niche you choose. But I’d want to know:

Who have been, historically, your best customers? Where did they come from?

Have you asked people who already pay you all how they heard about you?

I’d start there. This conversation can get really overwhelming because promotion and marketing feels like boiling the ocean so it helps to get really clear on who this is for and reverse engineer from there.

Hope this helps, happy to answer more questions as it’s helpful.

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Margo Aaron

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