Program for controlling the printing of documents in coworking / looking for the first partners for beta tests

Hello! I am a representative of an IT startup in the field of printing documents in coworking. At the moment, our team is undergoing an acceleration program in South IT Park (member of UBI Global). We collect feedback from coworking owners and are ready to provide a print control system for free use (for the beta test period). Ready to send more detailed information after your reply.
Google link form
Sincerely, Taranov Yaroslav (founder of Printouch)

We are interested.

Already completed the form (by the way,I think there might be a problem with the “Coworking Name” format (email address instead of string)

Hello where is this based out of?
I do not know where South IT Park is located, and trying to save googling time.


South it park is an accelerator from Russia.

Thanks a lot! We fixed the form:)