Press coverage in HOW magazine

hi all, Makeshift Society is in a lovely article in the November issue of HOW, which is a venerable graphic design magazine. a chunk of it is here:

lots more in the print version…so i’m told, i haven’t gotten my copy yet!

we are happy that the discussion around coworking is breaking out of the business mags and into somewhat more mainstream territory. the more people know, the easier our job is.

this list is great; thanks everybody for sharing what you know.

  • rena

Lovely article!

I especially like this right here:

Yes, having a small practice or sole proprietorship means you don’t necessarily need an office, but what you do need is inspiration from being around other people, accountability by just being present and acknowledged and the flexibility to work solo, meet with a collaborator or bring in a team for a meeting. Co-working spaces can provide the mood, people and quirky, productive conversations that your dining room table or the cafe down the street can’t provide. - See more at:

I put it on my own social media, and also added it to the wiki, I think it’s time to revive the practice. :slight_smile: