Please participate in the 2017 GWA Industry Survey

Hey everyone,

I am a founder of two coworking spaces and also the Executive Director of the Global Workspace Association. We recently launched our 8th annual industry financial survey. Historically, I’d say it’s been our best kept secret and this year we are following the Deskmag model and making sure the results get spread far and wide to benefit as many in the industry as possible. Our survey is incremental to the Deskmag data - very focused on financial benchmarking to help those starting and running spaces to make data-driven decisions on product mixes, service offerings, staff salaries, etc.

We’ve had an incredible response to the operator version of the survey so far. If you’re an operator, please fill it out - the report is only as good as the sample size. It’s completely anonymous. If you put yourself on our mailing list (, we’ll make sure you get a copy and we’ll share it widely on social media, etc. so you won’t miss it. Fill it out here:

This is our first year launching a member survey - with the goal of understanding how different types of coworkers make decisions about the spaces they join. Here’s the link to the member survey and here’s an email that you can use to invite your members to take the survey. A few incentives: 1) The industry continues to evolve quickly and needs more data, esp. financial data; 2) Staples donated two Surface Pro 4 laptops that survey respondents can enter to win; 3) If your space has 10 responses on the member survey, we’ll send you a summary of your data along with the aggregate report.



Sample email:

Dear Member,

We are sharing this with you because we support our industry association and would greatly value your participation. Not to mention that fact that you can enter to win a Surface Pro 4 laptop at the end of the survey!

At the Global Workspace Association (GWA), we make it our business to understand what shared workspace users and coworking community members need. Each year, we conduct a survey to check in with the heart of our industry (that’s you!) and collect insights to keep us ahead of the curve.

As a professional who works occasionally, frequently, or every single day in a flexible office space, you’re shaping the future of work, and we want your input as we create the spaces in which you’re doing it. In other words, we’re looking to answer the question, “Where is the industry headed?” which means we need to ask this one: “How do we give our people what they want?”

Share your thoughts with us by taking our survey here. As a token of thanks, we’ve partnered with Staples to offer a chance at winning a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laptop that we’ll be giving away at random to one lucky respondent. Give us your insights! They’re important!

The Global Workspace Association