Please Help Us With A Survey of Freelancers

We’d like your help on a survey we’re doing with the Freelancers Union. The focus of the survey is a combination of how freelancers network as well as looking at how they look at their work and lives as freelancers.

We’re trying to get coworking members who are freelancers (for purposes of this survey, we define this very broadly - basically anyone who doesn’t have a traditional job) to respond to this survey. Getting coworking members to respond will help us in 3 ways:

  1. It broadens the overall respondent pool.

  2. If we get enough coworking members responding, we can do a specific analysis of coworking members.

  3. We can compare how coworking members respond versus non-coworking members.

We would appreciate your help with promoting this survey to your members. We will be releasing the results publicly.

The survey is at:

A Freelancers Union blog post on the survey is at:

Thanks for you help.