Pay Per Hour Tech

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen a growing rise in the number of coworking spaces that are offering a pay per hour service, where users are simply paying for the time spent on the premises. I’ve seen 2 implementations of this, one where customers are billed and pay via a POS when they leave and one where they are billed automatically via direct debit next working day (invoice is automatically sent by email). Both examples use a card that is tapped in and out on a mounted terminal to calculate total time spent.

Does anyone know what’s the tech behind this and able to provide any examples of off the shelf solutions? My guess is it’s some sort NFC/RFID card and the terminal is a type of clocking in machine. The software side, I’m assuming the terminal is paired to the POS and an app will calculate automatically the time into $$$. I’ve been researching this for a while but haven’t managed to come across an all in one hardware and software solution.

Many thanks!