Organization website vs coworking space website

Hi, y’all!

I’m new to this wonderful group – and SO grateful for its existence!

I’m a newly hired PT executive director of a non-profit in Fredericksburg, VA – FredXchange. Our mission is to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem just 50 miles south of DC and 45 miles north of Richmond, VA.

We recently opened a coworking space – yippee!!!

There’s some disagreement on our board as to whether we have 2 separate websites – one for the organization itself and one for the coworking space specifically. I’m looking for examples – of both situations!

If anyone could provide me with their URL – and if you’d go the extra mile and tell me why you like/love/hate your current set up, I’d be mighty grateful.

Bonus points for any comments on branding – is your organization’s branding matchy-matchy with your coworking space branding? Or do they complement and co-brand one another? Or are they diametrically opposed?

Again, very excited to have found this resource (and hopeful that my first inquiry here makes the cut with the moderator)!

All the best,


Libby O’Malley

Executive Director

[email protected]

Ask your members what they want, if you are a member-led coworking place. Otherwise, don't ask your members, unless you are a market-driven coworking place and your members are marketing-savvy.

I don't think there is a big difference on what your website is. It's a branding identity question. Can go either way and be 'right'. In Portland we have the Hatch, a nonprofit-led coworking place.

Right now I am thinking about a similar question, but as to whether and how Collective Agency should do social/economic/other outreach outside our walls, as a new product or as a separate thing. We are member-led, a workplace democracy, so soon I will ask members.

Alex Linsker, Collective Agency in Portland Oregon.