Opus Virtual Offices

Does anyone have any experience with Opus Virtual Offices? They called today asking if we would like to partner and provide mailbox services for their members and they will pay us $30/month to accept mail for their members. We are already set-up to accept mail for our members. I can’t imagine they would have many clients in our small market, but I am hoping someone here has some experience - good or bad.



Hey! I have experience with Opus. My suggestion would be to compare how much they pay you for one of their clients versus how much you charge for a VO membership. If it is a vast difference, I would condsider it not the best deal. Mail handling can be difficult and with partner referral you may not ever meet the client—they cancel and still use your address. I ran into that more often with them.

If you’d like to chat more, you can email me [email protected]