Opportunity for Civic Engagement Hubs (due April 5)

Hi all,

Hope everyone and your communities are staying safe and well during these crazy times!

Greetings from the Open Gov Hub in Washington, D.C., where we’ve drastically reduced our coworking space operations because of the pandemic for the time, and are adapting to work remotely as much as possible.

Despite lots of negative news lately though I’m happy to share a positive opportunity:

We’re currently inviting applications from other civic innovation hubs like ours, but which are outside the US anywhere else in the world. The 2 key criteria to apply are:

  • running a hub, existing or planned (i.e. a physical shared space with coworking)
  • having an explicit social mission related to civic engagement/open government (we focus on fostering communities that help open up governments to their people and empower citizens).

More details and application here - deadline is this Sunday, April 5th http://opengovhub.org/blog/3/2020/apply-now-to-join-the-global-network-of-affiliate-open-gov-hubs

We’re looking to continue building a unique network and community of global coworking spaces with a similar social mission, so thanks for your help in spreading the word.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and take care!

Nada ([email protected])

Hi @NadaZohdy, I’m Sean and I run Radius in Erie, PA. The civic participation component of Open Gov’s work is very much part of our coworking community’s mission. We focus on dialogue with elected officials, participation in civic planning and projects, and placing coworking members on local boards and authorities.

I’m also currently working with a local fortune 500 to design a civic engagement fellowship program to help their staff become more engaged in civic issues.

I’ll learn more and may be applying to participate as a hub location. Any feedback before I submit would be appreciated. You can learn more about Radius here: https://www.radiusco.work/

Thanks for bringing this up on the forum. I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

Best Regards,

Hi @SeanFromWork, thanks so much for your message and its great to learn about Radius. Based on what you’ve shared it definitely sounds like we have some similar goals. And whether or not you decide to apply I’d still love to be in touch and find time for a call in the future.