Operational (OpEx) & Facility Management Costs Overview

Hi all, As with any organisation that is looking to expand there can be some uncertainty when it comes to identifying new locations and markets - the unfamiliar territories. Part of this process is understanding whether or not the move makes sense, usually by developing a BP in terms of forecast revenues and potential operational costs. This is a fundamental stage of the process, especially in terms the accuracy of data you use to develop your BP - it simple can be ‘pie in the sky figure’. It needs to be based on reliable sources.

My question is in relation to Real Estate operational & facility management costs. Is there a database or research paper that investigates these above costs (maintenance, cleaning, security, rents, utilities, service charges, local taxes, national taxes etc.) on a country by country basis? As far as I am aware the European Union and local organisations have investigated this in the past, but only in relation to specific countries…

It would be great to hear your feedback in relation to this, or even if some of you have information about these costs in your specific countries that would also be very valuable to me. I could then put together my own database…which of course I would be happy to share with you all.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing some of your feedback.