OfficeRnD - Management system - Thought?

We are very close to accepting a deal from OfficeRnD and implement their system to our coworking space.

Has anyone here used the software/current users?
What is the best feature? What is the worst?
What do you use instead?

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oh, this is a good and big question.

I tested OfficeRnD, Nexudus and Cobot.
Actually all of these have something wich was draging me away from using them.
I wish there would be someone who can help me to implement one of these systems to my company.

Hey Magnus,

OfficeRnD is a great software, and surely works for many spaces.

My firm Archie (Archieapp) has a platform in the space that is also greatly adopted.

Be sure to to address your specific needs and use cases with whom ever your choice may be.


Hi - we’ve made a pretty solid overview here:

We’ll also add Archie shortly.


@magnusloev as Marc, mentioned, whether they’re the best fit can only be answered by asking more questions. However I’ve done my best to curate two free resources to help you assess all the software side-by-side and with what they each integrate with.

@marc_k1bc, i totally understand this frustration. I know a bunch of consultants who may be able help you pick and and then install the right software. Send me a PM and I’ll try my best to connect you to the right person(s).

@Julian_Archie would love to learn more about Archie, if you’d like to PM me more info. (See response to Magnus above for context)

For the record, I’m a big fan of officernd, their team and their willingness to openly share quarterly updates, even throughout 2020.

Full-disclosure: I don’t work for any of the software platforms, I just curate the public resources above, and lead two companies (one for perks and one for syncing workspace listings to aggreggators) that are deeply integrated with many platforms.

Yes there are consultants that will certainly help you work through what you need and get set up on the right platform. My wife and I are usually one of those consultants although my dance card is mostly full ATM being new parents. We’ve helped people with Cobot, Nexudus, Office RnD, Optix, and my own open source platform Nadine. Jelly Switch looks interesting and they have a nice business model to offer support for their open source platform. Satellite Deskworks has some really interesting technology.

Personally I’m platform agnostic but I have spent more quality time with the Cobot and Nexudus teams (meaning drinking at conferences) so they are close to my heart. Remember when we could go to conferences? I digress.

After one of the conferences I had big plans to build a resource for finding consultants ( although there isn’t much there yet.

Jacob Sayles
Technical Director
Kanawha Design Studio

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