Offering mail at what $ amount: to all members, or some?

Hi all,

Question: I could see offering mail delivery at memberships that are 1-day a month, and I have one request to offer it at 6-days a month, but am wondering if some members would switch to those less expensive options. (1 person definitely would, another two people at least might, or might feel resentful if they stay at the current option when they wouldn’t then need it). And if they do, what is your experience with more people signing up, do you think it’s worth it? I know some places offer mail delivery as the ‘hook’/least expensive option, and some places offer it starting at the more expensive full-time memberships.

What are the themes of places that do offer it at the less expensive part-time options, and places that offer it at the more expensive full-time options, and what’s your advice in terms of business and community? (It seems like a business choice and not too related with community, from what I’ve heard from members here, although as a community choice there would be a preference by members for total equality of access for all members, including mail.)

Thank you!

Context if of interest:

Recently more than 12 Collective Agency members and more than 7 non-members gave advice and input on a wide range of additional membership options. One of the themes was that many members don’t want different ‘classes’ of members, which surprised me some, but reminded me of the mandate from many people when we started to treat everybody the same under the rules, with openness/transparency/equality/democracy process. We did have full consensus; everybody asked prefers this new version better than the old version and an intermediate version.

This is the new membership page:

We now have 1-day a month, 6-days a month, as-many-days-as-you-want, and with-a-reserved-desk options (the first two are new). Currently all members except for one have as-many-days-as-you-want membership, which was the main option before. The only difference in terms of access between the 1- and 6-day a month options and the as-many-days-as-you-want options are that the latter have mail delivery, and locker storage, included. Mail delivery makes this people’s business address.

Recently I realized that an additional 300 people at 1-day a month is as good or maybe better than an additional 30 people here on the as-many-day-as-you-want membership options (many of the other long-lasting places do that, including Alex at IndyHall, and places where people visit from and become members from when they move here and say we’re super-similar, such as Jacob at OfficeNomads, and NextSpace and others). And having an extended community larger than 140 people (an early goal) supports the value of openness and the values people have in Portland of wanting their place to grow and grow.



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