Off-site private office rentals

We’re opening a co working space in Antigua, Guatemala and were wondering if there are co-working spaces that rent off-site private offices to members?
Ie we will have our primary space that will be a mix of flex, assigned desk, and 4 private offices, but also will have access to a property that is separate from our main site (about 3 short walkable blocks away) that would accommodate about 8 private offices, fitting about 3 to 4 people each.

What we’re considering is to make these spaces available as well to prospective members. For each office rented in this off-site location, the 3 to 4 people who rent it would each be given memberships to our Space and would have full rights to it, be able to work there as well if desired, go to events etc…

Would anyone have experience doing something similar?

Is this a good or bad idea based on your experience?

Any help much appreciated!

(in another post, I’m asking the same question in regards to rentals of off-site event spaces)