NYT: At WeWork, an Idealistic Start-Up Clashes With Its Cleaners

In case you missed this piece in Sunday’s NYT, despite the communitarian ethos of the sharing economy, coworking is not immune to labor disputes, especially when practiced as a big business, a la WeWork (52 spaces in 16 cities). I’m sympathetic to both sides of this dispute, though I tend to favor the cleaners over WeWork’s owners, with their $10 Billion valuation (you read that right). I like the way WeWork responded, hiring many of the out-of-work cleaners from its former contractor, and paying them $15-18/hr + healthcare. But it’s complicated.

I’m curious to hear others’ opinions, and whether any other coworking companies – whether chains or single-location shops – have had labor troubles, and how you/they have handled them.




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