Newest coworking member from Portugal 👋

Hey guys,

My name is Barbara and this past week I launched a new coworking space with my dad, in the city of Porto (Portugal) :portugal:!

Thank you for creating this platform, it’s amazing!

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Olá Barbara,

prazer conhecer-te! I am Nina Simone from Lisbon, coworking consultant and active in the organizer group of “Coworking Thursdays” and “Open Coffee Lisbon”.

It would be amazing to get to know your new project better and helping you to promote it.
Reach out to me on LinkedIn if you want.

Até já :wink:

Hello Bárbara, welcome.

Can you send me more information about your coworking to Añadir al directorio un espacio de coworking - ?

Best regards and good luck.

My congratulations!