New Tool to Enhance Collaboration in Your Coworking Space

Hi All,

Great to be a part of this group! My name is Andrew, and I work at 100state, an innovative/collaboration/coworking space in Madison, Wisconsin. We are a young organization (less than 1 year) but already have over 120 members who are pursuing their passions and collaborating in our space. I love the idea of collaborative, coworking communities and believe in their power to connect people, unleash amazing ideas, and change the world.

The biggest problem we experience at our coworking space is an inability to effectively integrate new members into the collaborative environment. For members already deeply involved in the community, we lack a tool for quickly sharing and brainstorming ideas. This is where comes in.

We believe targeted technology can support our communities and allow new members to quickly immerse themselves in the middle of the collaborative space. is working on a mobile app that will do just that. If you’re interested in a solution to these problems, visit our website now to sign up for updates or follow our progress.

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PS Contact me if you’re interested in chatting about the coworking/collaborative community movement, technology, music, or community building!