New to Group - Coworking Management Software with Forever Free Tier for New Coworking Spaces

Hello everyone!

I am Shishir Singh. As part of a small company, my team and myself have been working from various coworking spaces since last few years. This gave us an opportunity to understand how coworking spaces work and the challenges they face every day. We were surprised to see that so many coworking spaces still rely on spreadsheets for tracking members, payments, meeting room booking and so on.

We talked to a number of coworking spaces and we realized that most of them kept using spreadsheets because they didn’t want to commit to a management software/tool only to realize later that it wasn’t worth their money and efforts. Most of the tools provide a trial period which they found inadequate and there are hardly any such tools which have a free tier. Based on their feedback, we built CoworkingNext which has all essential features they needed on a day to day basis and we also offer a forever free plan for new coworking spaces up to 10 members so they only need to pay when they grow beyond 10 members and are happy with the performance of the software.

We launched 3 weeks back and within this time period, we have included many new features, most important ones being Slack and Mailchimp integrations. We are rapidly adding more features and our goal is to build a platform which is truly social. Features like members directory and Slack integration are small steps towards that goal. As of now, it’s available in English, French, Spanish and German and we plan to add support for more languages soon.

If you are a new coworking space or even an existing one, give CoworkingNext a try and share your feedback.